Monday, 20 July 2015

Beauty is Not Only Skin Deep

There is a revolution sweeping through public lighting in the form of the anodised aluminium lighting column, in which real beauty isn't only skin deep, it is part of the metal and is guaranteed to stay beautiful.
The anodised surface becomes an instrinsic part of the metal and is hard as glass (MoH9) Diamond is MoH10.

Why Anodise Aluminium Columns?

All aluminium columns are brushed as part of the manufacturing process, but university research has confirmed that the brushing of aluminium creates a key which allows aggressive and corrosive elements to attach themselves to the metal and corrode over time. The anodising process completely seals and hardens the column, so that an anodised column is sustainable over its life and is guaranteed to resist corrosion. Anodising also resists ammonia from diesel traffic fumes, acids from food manufacture, verdigris and lichen from plant life....and even fingerprints.

So, for example, take a location like Cornwall, which is marvellous for surfers but is surrounded on three sides by sea and prevailing seasonal winds. The 5km costal corrosion zone is an ideal location for anodised aluminium columns, which completely protect against salt spray and sand from beaches carried on the wind. Even in these harsh conditions the anodised column is sustainable for its full life.

The Beauty of Anodisation

Increasing the quality of appearance in an area generally improves the way people feel about their area. Recent installations of Rosa anodised columns from Nulite include 43 columns in the Swansea Boulevard around the harbour and sea front. The new sea front promenade at Weston-Super-Mare is now graced by 65 new anodised twin lamp columns, to enhance the 50+ million pavillion and Grand Pier. With their beautiful silver shafts and colour change finials glowing in the dark they have dramatically improved the quality and appearance of the sea front.

Swansea Boulevard

Anodising in Colour

Anodising can also be done in colour - a standard colour pallet has been developed with matching root and flanged root treatments. Colours are available in Matt or Gloss finishes. From natural aluminium the range includes olive, brown, black, champagne and inox through to green, grey, graphite and anthracite. These last four colours are developed using a special interference method. No actual colours are used - the hue is purely a phenomenon of light reflection. Hence, the column has the ability to maintain its colour and not fade for all of its life, as well as being guaranteed to not flake, split, peel or de-laminate. So town and city developments can now benefit from a fully sustainable, non corrosive colour treatment not offered with conventional column materials.

Colour Samples

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  1. What I also like about anodising is how you can remove the colour and change it if desired. I had some aluminium items in a colour I disliked, but it was relatively easy to remove the colour by sanding down and soaking in greased lightening. I had to use steel wool for stubborn areas but overall worked great!

    Bernice Parsons @ Badger Anodising